About Us

People want more from film.  It’s not just about fantastical escapism, people are crying out to connect to something real.  Stories about real people, living real lives and their moments of truth. That’s what’s entertaining.  X Factor, Strictly, Made in Chelsea – so many reality TV Shows! Because ultimately, nothing is more compelling. Go on You tube and what do you have? Live snap shots of reality. People cannot get enough. The crazier, the better.  And why? Because, it’s honest. People identify with crazy. And in those seconds, you get more moments of truth about society and the world we live in than in any blockbuster Hollywood movie.  People want to see people that are like themselves.  They want to see the issues that represent them. They want to be heard.

At Resonate and Resound, we want to make movies about stories that represent real voices! We are part of the new movement of underground film makers.  We want to be on the pulse of current trends and reflect the issues that are affecting people in the here and now.  And we want to reveal their fascinating stories in the most mindblowing way possible!!!

Are you in??